A decade ago I was pioneering a new approach to chemotherapy at the University of Virginia, fully believing the promise that I would become a vaunted leader in the marbled halls of academia.  In 2010 the universe had a different idea for me, and I suddenly found myself struggling to start a nutrition clinic in rural Virginia, my son and I renovating an old plumbing warehouse into something resembling a clinic in a struggling town with a population of 560 people.  In the years that have followed, everything that I once held to be true and obvious has been challenged when faced with the experience of the real world outside the hallowed halls of the University.  Today, I remain a work in progress.  I am slowly deconstructing my education and reconstructing my understanding through the lens of human experience.

What follows here is a draft of a knowledge base that hopes to stimulate curiosity and new questions in your mind that will invite you to go back into your life experience to decipher your truths.  Ultimately, I believe that all the knowledge you need, you possessed at the time of birth, but accessing that information through the cloud of social and pseudo-science programming that you and I have received every day since that birth is difficult.  I often have to remind myself to enjoy the journey into knowledge, rather than be frustrated by the lack of it.