A few of my favorite things for optimal health and self care.


The gut lining is a barrier, our first line of defense, working to protect us from toxic substances such as glyphosate, gluten, and other foreign particles. But just as importantly, it functions to allow the passage of beneficial nutrients. Preserving the integrity of this barrier is key to health which is the sole purpose of ION*.

ION* Gut Support

All natural and soil derived, ION* Gut Support goes beyond probiotics to defend you from environmental toxins and diversify your gut microbiome naturally.

ION* Skin Support

ION* Skin Support spray defends against toxins and facilitates microbial connection, helping to reduce redness and signs of skin damage while also encouraging skin to breathe and glow.

ION* Sinus Support

ION* Sinus Support is a non-habit forming and all natural nasal spray, facilitating the innate connection between you and your microbiome. This helps to soothe and protect your nasal passages while also allowing you to breathe clearly and maintain natural hydration.

ION* Gut Support For Pets

All natural and soil derived, ION* Gut Support For Pets supplement helps to defend your furry family members from environmental toxins and diversify their microbiome.

ION* Starter Bundle

Ease into wellness with these compact sizes:

• 16oz Gut Support
• 3oz Skin Support
• ION* Sinus Support

ION* Complete Health Bundle

Level up your healthcare ritual – inside and out. The ION* Complete Health Bundle includes Gut, Sinus, and Skin Support products, giving you all the tools you need to fortify your defenses and strengthen your microbiome.

ION* Skincare Bundle

Healthy skin doesn’t begin and end with topical treatments. If you want hydrated, clear, glowing skin, you need to support your gut as well. So, we threw together the complete package; meet the ION* Skincare Bundle.


If you are feeling the need for more health resources, please consult with your physician. For additional immune support, consider the following tried and true protocols.



Vitamin D3

*2000-5000 IU daily if you are not getting at least 10 minutes of sunlight exposure

Mushroom Spray

Neti Pot


B.Immune Throat Spray

B.Chill Honey + Hemp

B.Smart Brain Fuel

Hive Pharmacy


Avocado Green Mattresses are designed in Hoboken and handmade in sunny California with only the finest naturally non-toxic and 100% certified organic materials from their own farms.

Green Mattress

Green Pillow

Organic Sheets

Eco Frame