My career into medicine began with my moving to the Philippines to work with my Aunt in a multinational midwifery clinic outside of Manila.

Witnessing childbirth in the most desperate of poverty situation transformed my perspective on the drive for life that mother nature has knit into our fabric.

Having watched my children grow into young adults cruising through their college years into their respective careers has been an extraordinary, humbling journey. The responsibility and opportunity to create a healthy foundation for childhood begins in the preconception phase, and is compounded to extreme impact in those first few days and weeks of fetal life.

As we consider our current disease epidemic that is now effecting 46% of our children we have to take a critical look at what our current health care practices and environmental threats are doing to erode this foundation of health for our children. From C-Section trends to current vaccination schedules to the use of antibiotics during childbirth and early childhood, we are doing nearly everything against the natural order of life, and our children are suffering for it, and our society-at-large teeters at the edge of financial collapse under the weight of our dysfunction, disorder, and disease.

With the simplest of realignments, we can realize the beauty and power that is embodied in pregnancy, childbirth, and child stewardship, and those children can pave a healthy future.