As I read on and on about the history of our species, I am pretty sure we have had a backward approach to business since its advent.

We have embraced the win/lose philosophy of business for millennia. If we are not winning the game we must be losing it. Competition is the driving force.

Profit at the cost of the others’ loss is always justified, especially if the one losing has no voice in our society: slaves, women, children, ‘lower’ species, trees, soils, oceans. We have got to stop this insanity. We must work together to create a new education system in which business development, product development, technologic advancement always serves the planet first, before it serves the consumer.

We have to build process oriented rather than goal-oriented business and economic structures. We have to let the feminine archetype emerge in our business world today. 

We will not have a productive workforce within the next two decades if we do not realign the fundamentals of business and transform immediately.