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The last 30 years of microbiome research necessitates a radical shift in our model of human health.

After centuries of the warfare mentality of the Western medicine mindset, it is critical that we rapidly come to terms with the reality that we are not against nature, but instead, we are the result of nature. The intelligence of nature that emanates through all levels of life on earth has revealed itself, through recent decades of science, to be the result of the microbiome. The microbiome offers an extraordinary capacity for genetic diversification through the mechanisms of horizontal gene transfer, exosomes, and viruses.

In the midst of the most extreme collapse of human health in history, we have come upon the profound realization that human cells are not at the center of human health. Instead, the microbiome, functioning as the life-giving soil within our gut and even in our internal organ systems, is at the core function of human health. This new science of bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses necessitates a restructuring of our biologic models of genomics, proteomics, inflammation, carcinogenesis, immunity, and infectious disease.

The last three decades have seen a catastrophic increase in childhood chronic diseases, infertility, and metabolic collapse in young adults, along with the rise of epidemic neurodegenerative and cancer conditions in adults. The trajectory of these disease curves predicts the collapse of the human population and the likelihood of our own extinction within the century. Simultaneously, microbiome research in soil, water, and air systems of the planet provide additional insight into the crisis, demonstrating that the collapse of human health and survival is symptomatic of a fundamental collapse of planetary health and biology. We must, immediately, correct our paradigm. We must end our germ warfare tactics and embrace the reality of the life in and around us.

The microbiome, and the remarkable communication pathway of the virome, must be understood as our salvation rather than our enemy. If we shift direction quickly, we can become co-creative partners with this nature to prevent our own extinction and to bring forth the richest biodiversity and vitality that this planet has ever seen.