What greater questions can we ask, what greater meditations can we undertake, what greater revelation can we experience. What animates these frail human bodies.

We can now photograph and measure the energy field that emanates from these frail bodies, and at the moment of death it is clear that energy is not destroyed, it just moves on, back into the vacuum of the universe around us. In the resuscitation of patients that have died under my care I have been blessed to hear multiple extraordinary accounts of their experiences on the other side of the veil.

Meanwhile, their biologic bodies became so inanimate under my hands while they traveled outside of that body in what must be their spirit, soul, or energetic identity, or something of the sort. That we are capable of bringing the memory and insights gained in those moments outside of the body back into our body and mind is one of the strangest things I have seen. The biology is an innocent bystander to the deeper vitality of the soul. We should surrender what we think we know if we are going to realize our full potential before we die. We need to wake up. It could get really good around here.