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The Role of Viruses in Human Health >

Origin Stories for the COVID 19 Pandemic >

Antibodies + the Human Immune Response >

COVID 19 + Air Pollution >

Hypoxia or COVID 19? >

Comorbidities with COVID 19 + What We Could Have Done Differently >

The COVID 19 Public Health Response >

Changing our Understanding + Take Action >

Welcome to the latest conversation dedicated to the pandemic narrative. Let us remember that our purpose is not to be whistleblowers but to imagine a different future that learns, rather than fears the past.

(05:24) We are in a unique tipping point in human history that requires a massive shift in consciousness that is comparable to the discovery that the Earth is round or that the Sun is the center of our solar system. (09:18) Our current revolution is propelled by the profound discovery that the microbiome is at the center of human health, not the human cell.

“We have so sold ourselves short, by this myopic kind of manifest destiny of the human belief that we were the most important and most advanced biology on the planet.”

(12:58) It’s important to understand that science is not a defined body of knowledge, and the words “science” and “dogma” should never go together. Science is, instead ,an activity and a methodology for advancing understanding. (15:41) Science is always changing, and we should suspect those who propose that it is not always changing. (16:37) Linear change is not an option. We must instead move into a co-creative relationship with our ecosystems and foster an incredible revolution with great speed.

“Our purpose, if anything, is to be curious.”

(20:05) Currently, we have quite literally written ourselves out of the definition of Nature and placed ourselves in opposition to nature. This is the foundation for our current public health narrative, and it needs to be redefined.

The Role of Viruses
in Human Health (21:12)

(22:00) The virome does not exist solely outside humanity but also within humanity. More than 50% of 20,000 human genes were inserted by viruses, and we could not be mammals without them. (26:55) Every life form is capable of producing viruses. (27:16) Dr Bush shares the studies showing the incomprehensible number of viruses within sea water, soil, air and a healthy human body, all seeking adaptation in order to create resilience.

“Viruses are simply genetic packages of information that update the genetics of the planet on a regular basis.”

(30:32) We can release the fear around the presence of viruses and understand how viruses travel the world, often independent of human behavior. (33:42) Coronaviruses primarily travel via air and are not reliant solely upon humans to transmit. More than air travel, we see COVID 19 hotspots in the U.S. more closely tied to air pollution rather than air travel.

(36:01) It is possible to integrated viruses without them manifesting as clinical illness, and we look at HIV and Hepatitis C. (40:10) HIV did not originated in the 1980’s, but was shown to be present in human bloodstreams as early as the 1950’s, and studies of Hepatitis C show us that viral infections correlate more to changes in terrain rather than coming out of nowhere.

Origin Stories for
the COVID 19 Pandemic (43:36)

(43:52) There has been an incredible suppression of information over the past year against anything that pushes against the common narrative. Dr. Bush walks us through a critical look at some of the most common stories around the origins of the COVID 19 pandemic narrative ranging from 5G to manufacturing in Chinese laboratories. (48:19) Stressors such as 5G can create vulnerability but are not the source of mortality.

(49:15) We see an illustration of the viruses that have been the most prevalent since the 1970’s and how they are always moving in relationship to the stress factors in the environment. (52:32) Seasonal changes correlate to respiratory death; and, overall, we have very consistent, non-erratic death rates. (55:09) It is impossible that COVID 19 is suddenly responsible for 100% of respiratory illness + deaths.

“Viruses are forcing adaptation for an immune system to have a higher intelligence.”

Antibodies + the Human Immune Response (57:29)

(58:12) Antibodies are not the reason viruses leave our systems. The innate immune system is how we stay in active relationship to viruses. Antibodies don’t actually become clinically present until 3-6 weeks after an infection is resolved. (1:03:19) Infants don’t actually show any antibodies present until they are 3-6 months old, but they have hundreds of millions of viruses present in their stool.

(1:04:38) When we undermine the innate immune system, it creates an opportunity for pandemics. Glyphosate is shown to break down the barriers of our gut lining and contribute to the rise of cancer mortality. (1:07:20) The places where glyphosate is most densely used correlates to the hot spots of COVID 19 mortality. We also see stress events created in areas where there is high levels of pork manufacturing.

COVID 19 + Air Pollution (1:10:07)

We see small increases in PM2.5 result in high increases in COVID 19 mortality, and we had a sharp increase in this pollutant in the past year due to the wildfire in Australia + California. (1:12:02) These pollutants set the stage for negative health outcomes, and we are able to predict pandemics by looking at the concentration of pollutants. (1:13:50) Seasonal shifts also contribute to the amount of PM2.5 in the atmosphere, and we look at the effects of the Australian + California fires on the air quality. (1:20:53) Sars-COV2 + influenza viruses bind to PM2.5, and when humans experience long-term exposure to this air pollution, it lowers the innate resistance to viral infection.

“If we reduce the pollution, we reduce the pandemic possibility.”

Hypoxia or COVID 19? (1:22:14)

Dr. Bush proposes that one of the largest mistakes of the public health narrative is that we have categorized the deaths + illnesses as if there is only one thing happening. (1:26:52) We also saw symptoms attributed to COVID 19 that were not the result of viral infection but instead demonstrated hypoxia via cyanide poisoning.

(1:29:30) We actually had two things happening. We saw the presence of a Sars-COV-2 variant of coronavirus and poisoning caused by the high concentration of air pollution. They are different things that require different treatments. (1:33:10) We need to demand that the CDC publish and distribute the toxicology information alongside the infectious disease findings.

(1:34:01) While 5G is certainly not a safe technology, it is not likely the cause of the mortality associated with COVID 19. Unfortunately, we often see the release of new technology before any science studies their repercussions in depth. (1:36:50) PCR testing is not an accurate diagnostic tool because viral genetic information is not the infection. However, we could have successfully used this testing as a prognostic tool. (1:41:30) Dr. Bush explains the symptoms of histoxic hypoxia and explains that once the poisoning starts to occur, viruses can participate towards negative health outcomes. The toxicity of PM2.5 increases mortality across many diseases besides COVID 19.

Comorbidities with COVID 19 + What We Could Have Done Differently (1:44:12)

A high percentage of COVID 19 related deaths had comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes and renal disease. And all of these top comorbidities are treated with the same drugs which can increase the concentration of viral material and subsequent poisoning. (1:48:40) A very high fraction of hospitalized + critically ill patients have a Vitamin D deficiency, and we see how fear + anxiety undermine our innate immune system as shown in their relationship to mortality rates.

(1:53:39) Poor sleep also increases negative health outcomes with COVID 19, especially with younger and healthier individuals. This includes 8x the risk of infection for those with obstructive sleep apnea.

(1:56:16) Other factors include socio-economics and include obesity as well as the connection between increased testing with increased mortality. Over-testing leads to over medicalization which leads to bad decisions. Several studies conclude that individuals who received an influenza vaccine may be at increased risk for other respiratory viruses, particularly in regards to coronavirus infection. This includes a 4x increased risk in children.

(2:01:21) Dr. Bush looks at some of the different numbers and metrics from the beginning of the pandemic and demonstrates how some of these were misconstrued, forming inaccurate public health statistics. (2:11:30) MERS resolved within two years with no vaccine, and it is imperative that we stop blaming the virome for these diseases. We must start looking at human behavior in the epicenters where these coronaviruses emerge.

(2:14:53) Studies show that pre-existing chronic disease predicts COVID 19 related mortality and that age is an independent risk factor. We should adjust our numbers for age and population. (2:17:49) At the height of the pandemic, statistics from China + northern Italy show that COVID19 related deaths were a relatively small number compared to deaths from other causes. Statistics on all-cause mortality for the US from 2014-2020 show that we don’t actually have an unexpected excess death rate for the past year.

(2:27:00) We don’t actually know what causes the vast majority of respiratory deaths, and we look at graphs showing that the number of deaths from 2020 are not in excess.

“The way in which we interact with all of nature today is the way in which we interact more intelligently tomorrow.”

The COVID 19 Public Health Response (2:32:54)

Biocide behavior via mass spraying in public spaces as well as the widespread overuse of hand sanitizers are negative responses to this misplaced fear of germs. Antibiotic, biocide behavior as well as the use of glyphosate correlate to cancer mortality; and we can expect cancer cases to increase as a result of our pandemic response. Data also shows that the use of glyphosate corresponds to senile dementia.

(2:36:39) With n95 masks, we inhale plastics and polypropylene into our lungs. A study from 2017 shows the effects of exposure to polypropylene includes increased risk of respiratory symptoms, significantly decreased vital lung capacity + vascular inflammation. Dr. Bush also points to a study that shows no increased protection between n95 masks + surgical masks against influenza. (2:42:05) Social isolation is also a predictor of mortality. Instead of heeding the advice that we should never shake hands again, studies show that frequent hugs reduce respiratory infection by 61%.

“Social contact, intimate nurture of one another, has a profound effect on our innate immune system that seems to be far in excess of any germ theory… interaction with the virus.”

(2:44:25) We look at a summary of the actual risk factors for COVID 19 mortality, including: microbiome stress + loss of biodiversity, glyphosate toxicity, high comorbidity rates, aging population, high prevalence of certain pharmaceutical drugs, vitamin D deficiency, influenza vaccination, fear, and isolation. Dr. Bush proposes what we could do differently towards different outcomes.

Changing our Understanding + Take Action (2:46:38)

We urgently need to move into a three-dimensional understanding of human life + health so that we can co-create our future with nature, experience healthy lives from birth through the aging process. We must move away from this warlike mentality against the microbiome and, instead, become re-connected to it.

“So we need to wake up and consider perhaps what is the beauty we’re going to participate in.”

(2:48:46) We need to shift into regenerative agriculture so we can restore the balance of carbon on this planet. Get outside and breathe the biome. Test and supplement your Vitamin D to get to appropriate levels. Repair the tight junctures in your innate immune system with ION* Gut Support.

(2:52:51) COVID 19 has revealed how ill prepared we are for the extinction level stress we are experiencing on the planet today. Dr. Bush calls for the progression of science to think critically about our relationship to and within the ecosystem; and he cautions against the proposed genetic modification via mRNA “vaccinations.” (2:59:51) The moment we stop questioning is the moment science dies. Be empowered to be curious, to ask questions and to use your intuition. Stay curious.

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