A Pandemic Of Possibility

Let’s connect humans to be co-creative rather than consumptive.

“Without minimizing the profound severity of our current situation, I cannot overstate the unique opportunity we are being gifted.

Like an addict’s moment of clarity, the pandemic presents a singular occasion to break the chains of denial that imprison us. A moment to objectively examine that which no longer serves us. The behaviors that repeatedly lead us astray. An economic system that demands constant growth at the cost of the collective good. A political system that preys on fear to divide. A conglomerated food apparatus that foments disease. A pharmaceutical complex that relies upon that disease to create dependency. And ultimately a collective obsession with ego, power, money, and material consumption that is rapidly eroding our biosphere, degrading our integrity — and separating us from others, ourselves and our innate divinity.

I aspire that we emerge from this planetary wake up call not as victims, but empowered — armed with greater clarity to reimagine and actualize a better, more sustainable, purposeful, intentional and fulfilling life experience for ourselves, our loved ones, future generations and frankly the world at large.

I can think of few people better equipped to traverse this terrain than Zach, alongside me for his fourth appearance on the show.

Well worth your undivided attention, today he shares his unique perspective on the coronavirus epidemic in a conversation that goes behind what is happening. How to best navigate’ it. And what the pandemic signifies for humanity and the future of planetary ecology.”

– Rich Roll