Tapping into Inner Wisdom & Stillness

If you’re interested in how the health of the planet affects us, the power of meditation, how to improve skin + gut health, or want to know how you can take action to improve the environment, this episode is for you.

This episode is full of hope, deep wisdom, and actionable takeaways that the world needs right now. We cover: 

  • Updates with Dr. Zach Bush since his last appearance on TBM
  • Lacy’s infertility struggles and the factors that helped
  • How the health of our planet affects the health of humanity
  • Sterilization, chemical antibiotics, microbiomes
  • Ways we can take action as a species to improve the environment
  • The power of meditation and simplicity of silence
  • Advice and tips from Zach for those just starting their spiritual journeys
  • Embracing the spiritual power of nature
  • Light beings, consciousness, mindfulness
  • Zach’s experience visiting with indigenous people and what we can learn from them
  • Showing up as your true, authentic self
  • How to improve skin and gut health
  • Zach’s new projects and his own personal practice”