Aubrey Marcus Podcast
Beyond the Virus of Fear and Guilt

Have we been asking the wrong questions throughout the pandemic? Have we been demonizing one virus, while encouraging another to spread?


This second episode on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast covers how to overcome the fear and guilt paradigm that has dominated the human psyche for eons, the true evolutionary functions of viruses, and the dawn of a new era of human thriving never before seen on this planet.

We discuss:
00:00– Intro
1:07– Remember The Mother
11:05– Embracing Adaptation/The Cancer Of Empire
17:01– Ecuadorian Prophecy
21:50– A Course In Miracles Take On Relationship
32:41– Unified Mind vs Schism Mind
38:12– Loss of Philosophy Underpinning Science
43:18– Zach’s Journey
1:01:47– 10,000 Years Of The Masculine Archetype
1:07:44– Getting Out Of The Genetics Of Fear And Guilt
1:11:28– Why We Need To Stop Demonizing Viruses
1:19:00– Reflecting On How Zach Treats Cancer Patients
1:27:31– You’ll Never Look At Water The Same
1:47:26– Is the Human Experience The Heart Chakra Of The Universe?
1:52:10– Grief
1:55:05– Why We Might Sign Up For Human Life
1:58:34– Prayers