ION*Gut Health Supports a Healthy Body with the Intelligence of Nature

Founded by Dr. Zach Bush, ION*Gut Health is a naturally-sourced dietary supplement that promotes a balanced gut, a healthy immune system, and a stronger you — with Mother Nature at the foundation.

ION*Gut Health supports your wellbeing

Sourced from 60-million-year-old soil, ION*Gut Health is a gut-strengthening mineral supplement that naturally supports microbiome balance. Safe for adults and kids, it reignites the circuits within your gut and has been shown to support the integrity of tight junctions in the gut lining — even in the face of damage from environmental toxins.

Benefits of ION*Gut Health


Reinforces your gut lining so toxins and unwelcome particles face a barrier to the bloodstream.

Aids gluten digestion

Regulates the flow of nutrients and water by soothing inflammation so the gut can digest gluten.

mental clarity

Encourages the connection between the gut and the central nervous system so the brain receives clear signals.

your gut

Promotes healthy bacteria and creates an internal environment that processes food in the right way.

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Customer success stories

I’ve just started my second bottle of ION*Gut Health and I am very pleased with the improvements in my health. In addition to all the gut benefits I’m appreciating, I’m happy to report that I sleep through the night now without waking once to use the bathroom. I’m 57 years old and plan to age naturally and healthily. ION*Gut Health is the perfect support for that. I’m a fan for life!

– Martell Ogburn

I have been taking this and the nasal spray for about six months. I am gluten sensitive so I have stopped eating gluten products for a year now. But sometimes I do eat some gluten (when I’m a guest or at a holiday party) and I notice very minimal symptoms after. My symptoms used to be diarrhea and very itchy skin. I feel like this product is protecting me from the chemicals in our world.

– Krisite J. Brown

I can honestly say after 6 weeks of consistent use my chronic bloat and difficult digestion has ceased. I have been dealing with this issue for years and I have to remind myself to stop feeling anxious about the potential problems after consuming food because ION*Biome has stopped my body from such reactions! Unbelievable.️

– Kelsea Sears

ION* was life changing for me. For years I could only eat a very limited diet and suffered from inflammation and gut health issues. After three months I noticed I wasn’t reacting to food anymore and was feeling less inflamed. After six months I noticed I felt a lot healthier. After a year I started to eat different foods again to see how my body would respond and I had no reaction. I’m now able to eat foods I couldn’t eat for years. I have more clarity and energy and feel younger than I did fifteen years ago. I’m convinced ION* did for my body what the research says it does. Nothing else worked but ION* did and I’m so thankful.

– Jon Gordon

Keep your
junctions tight.

ION* strengthens tight junction integrity at the gut lining, helping to protect your immune system. It’s a critical barrier to keep strong so that a vibrant microbiome can flourish.

Reconnect with nature and a healthier you.

Nature is intelligent and beautiful, providing unique support to each of us. ION*Gut Health taps into this greater intelligence, empowering our cells to do what they do best: regenerate and repair. Through our regenerative mission, ION* offers hope for a healthier human species and planet.

The degradation of biodiversity in our soil is mirrored in that of our gut. When we start to use the intelligence of nature as our template for health and disease management, we open the capacity for more biologic resilience, faster regeneration, and a healthier future.