The Heart: Understanding the Vascular System, Resilience & Repair

By: Dr. Zach Bush
(Co-authored by Dr. Peter Cummings)

Heart disease is the focus of a tremendous amount of research, and rightfully so — it’s the leading cause of death worldwide.

Through decades of study, scientists have identified multiple genes and environmental conditions that can potentially increase the risk of dying of heart disease. But trying to understand how these risks affect us is complicated and it’s why we are centering the heart as our topic of focus. The past year has disconnected us further from how our vascular system works, heals and thrives and this is our opportunity to reconnect.

Over the last year, governments and pseudo-governmental agencies and regulators around the world have coerced corporations and private institutions to mandate or create intense social pressure to facilitate the first direct genetic engineering experiment in human history. Regardless of our opinions on these events, they are happening, and it is fascinating to consider the genetic agent that we have collectively chosen to force the human body to produce.

The various pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies have unified behind the genetic engineering of a single protein: the spike protein of coronavirus origin that functions as a vascular toxin. We have targeted the hearts of our children, elders, and peers with this neo-vaccine technology — a brand new type of vaccine that’s never been used before.

This technology is no small feat. We have applied decades of genetic engineering tricks learned from the long practice of genetically engineering our food, which allows our crops to tolerate high amounts of bio-toxic herbicides that are carried in the tissue of the resulting foods and passed on to anyone that eats them. We now use a host of synthetic genomic alterations in these injected agents to ensure the protein toxin is produced in an unregulated fashion in organ systems throughout our body within minutes of injection.

Elements of naturally occurring viruses allow for careful balance between the genomic machinery in human cells and the ubiquitous viral genomics. More than 99% of people exposed to these viruses would remain healthy or return to health after exposure. The critical elements of this balancing act (which have necessarily occured in all multicellular organisms throughout the 3.5 billion years of viral genomics on planet Earth) are intentionally eliminated in these synthetic gene-delivery systems of neo-vaccines. All of the normal regulatory checks-and-balances are bypassed at the molecular level to ensure the vast majority of people injected will overproduce these vascular toxin proteins in organ systems throughout the body for weeks or months rather than the hours or few days that a natural viral protein may be present.



The Heart: Understanding the Vascular System, Resilience & Repair
Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Peter Cummings, Dr. John Gildea, Dr. Peter Langsjoen, and Dr. Ali Langsjoen join together for an exploration into The Heart.


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