Reawakening nature to restore health

We know glyphosate is actively impacting our generation. The degradation of biodiversity in the soil of our land is mirrored in the degradation of biodiversity in our gut which we need desperately to fight environmental toxins and maintain a strong immune system.

We know there is an epigenetic ripple effect, we just don’t know how far and wide it will go.

This unknown is at the core of why ION*Biome was created. Gut healing and protection is needed across generations. This is the gift I wish for humanity and your family this season.

Give differently to all generations that surround you this year.


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Free shipping included as well as a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Welcome to the Zach Bush MD web platform. It has been a long standing goal of mine to bring to the global community a space through which I can fully share my experiences and perspectives. In the other channels that I reach the public through, I am often limited in my communication by medical regulatory powers. In this space I have the opportunity to reach out to you with both my scientific experience as well as my sociopolitical and spiritual curiosity.

To communicate with all of you is an honor. Your time is your most valuable asset and I am appreciative of your interest and investment of your time in this space. I am most excited for this website to be a portal to the conversations that you all, as our global community, can engage with all of us through the associated social media channels to change the world. To support this opportunity to empower your purpose and impact on the planet and humanity is one of my highest passions.

I hope you find in this space something that ignites your curiosity, intuition, and self-awareness. A simple truth that I continue to observe in clinic, in the news, and in the world, is that isolation quickly leads to self-destructive ideation and behavior, making us dangerous to those we love and to the world at large. The opposite is just as powerful and just as often observed; you and I are each enough in what we are here to express, and together we are miraculous.