Returning for his third appearance on the podcast is Zach Bush, MD — one of the most fascinating and popular guests to grace this platform.

One of the few triple board certified physicians in America, he is the founder and director of M Clinic integrative health center in Virginia with expertise in functional medicine, longevity, autism, gut health, cancer, palliative care, endocrinology and many other areas. In addition, Zach is an avid environmentalist and activist involved in a multitude of projects that focus on ecology, regenerative agriculture, farmer well-being and spirituality.

But more than anything, Zach is a healer. A master consciousness. A gift to humanity. And someone I am very proud to call friend.

Recorded (audio only) during our recent retreat in Italy, today’s conversation explores our individual and collective experience with pain, both psychic and physical.

We deconstruct our unhealthy obsession with comfort.

We stress test the stories we craft that form our identity, stunt our evolution, and ultimately hold us hostage.

And we explore a new path to freedom.