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Welcome to a paradigm-shifting approach to healthcare. We treat the body as a self-healing organism and believe restoring balance is the source of wellbeing

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My goal is to provide support in opening up pathways for healing and freedom.
Through thousands of patient journeys, the practitioners at my clinic and I have learned that healing comes from within the individual, rather than an external educator, physician, product, or technology. Explore our in-person and online healthcare options that guide you in reconnecting with nature and your intrinsic ability to heal.
Journey of Intrinsic Health
Embark on a revolutionary 8-week personal health transformation journey with me and my team. In this course, we approach health from Nature’s perspective —a template for life that is full of complexity, biodiversity, and abundance.

Are you ready to uncover what optimal health looks like for you? Here is your chance.

Not only to feel your capacity for wellness but also so you can access your highest level of purpose.

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Healing Stories

“Even though I have been in the holistic/wellness world for many years, there is much to de-construct and re-learn in a whole new way, a whole new paradigm. I am excited and inspired! In one month I have gained energy, lost 8 pounds and learned so, so much! I also see that this is a permanent adjustment to my new healthy lifestyle, and that I will keep learning and changing.”
“Since we began our journey in November 2020, My inflammation has greatly reduced. I used to wince and almost yell in pain when twisting — my erector spinea muscles were always so inflamed. Now, I do still feel inflammation pain in my joints and back, but it is mild – no wincing at all. The real miracle is my SLEEP. For my entire adult life I’ve had to get up 3 to 6 times a night to go to the bathroom. Now, I only have to get up once or twice a night. This is a miracle for me! I want to shout it from the rooftop to the heavens: I am finally sleeping!”
“I signed up for Biology BaseCamp after going through treatment for breast cancer. For about a year and a half, I was at the end of that journey looking for what’s next. I discovered Biology BaseCamp and right away, I felt like it was the right next step for me. Between the webinars and working with my intrinsic health coach, the program helped move me through that next phase of my life. It gave me helpful tools and a lot of hope for what life can look like moving forward.”
“Since our time together and the water fast, wow! So much has become clearer. The insights and crystallization of what was offered in the course and the depth of listening that is happening within myself; the understanding, the acceptance and love and the joy of being here, finally, more fully, with this deeply felt knowing. Just Wow.”

Foundations of Healing

In human history, we have never seen an explosion of chronic disease equivalent to today’s health crisis. When we view this epidemic alongside our disconnection with nature and our fractured healthcare system, the future looks profoundly unsustainable. Despite this, I have never been more optimistic about our opportunity to transform human health.

Over the last decade, my team of clinicians and scientists have discovered a beautiful and exciting truth: Health is profoundly simple. Our bodies are engineered to be health machines. Regardless of how desperate current public health remains, there is hope for each of us, our nation, and the planet at large – the way ahead is Intrinsic Health.

Take the first step on your new health journey

Let’s journey together on a mind-blowing path to intrinsic health. Within you lies all the capacity to heal.