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Plant Proof Podcast

In Episode 67, Plant Proof sits down with Dr Zach Bush, Endocrinologist and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, and discuss how our food system is getting things so wrong. We deep dive into the use of herbicides like Glyphosate, the catastrophic damage modern farming practices are causing and where the solutions lie.

Topics covered:
• Why it’s critical we are having this conversation about our food system
• Zach’s journey into Medicine
• Why he started looking to food as medicine and then eventually became interested in soil quality
• Conventional and Organic Produce
• Glyphosate & Round-Up
• Cancer Alley
• Problems measuring toxicity to the chemicals used in farming
• Regenerative agriculture & biodiversity – how farmers can make the switch
• A shared Economy
• Conventional Vs Chemical free farming yields
• And much more!