On purpose with Jay Shetty
Healing Your Gut Health & How to Prevent Diseases with Nutrition

Have you ever considered the profound connection between being human and the natural world? What if our true purpose is not just to exist as individuals but to embrace our role as part of a greater ecosystem?

In this conversation with Jay Shetty we unravel the complexities of human health and uncover the simple yet powerful approaches to replenishing our state of wellness.

In this interview you’ll learn:

– The complex connection between humanity and the natural world

– How nutrition sciences can significantly help prevent diseases

– The Earth’s biodiversity and our role in the ecosystem

– The wonders of organic farming and good quality soil

– How our body stores water and function with it

Join us on this enlightening journey as we deepen our connection to the natural world, embrace our role in the ecosystem, and unlock the wisdom that lies within us all.

What we Discuss:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:40 To be human is to be part of an ecosystem rather than a single species
  • 04:50 If nutrition prevents diseases, where did nutrition science go?
  • 11:30 The earth will get more diverse, it will get more intelligent, it will get better
  • 17:53 What’s the simplest approach to begin again and replenish your health?
  • 26:29 The science behind water in our body and how do we stay hydrated
  • 39:28 Did you know that a teaspoon of soil has more organisms than the human body?
  • 51:16 How do we eat in order to protect ourselves from chemically modified food?
  • 01:01:46 The mechanism of breathing is the allowance to create a new life
  • 01:12:07 Zach on Final Five

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