The Hug, A Powerful Communication of Love and Singularity

A hug is the most powerful way to begin communication with another person.  I have found no other action to be more powerful in my healing efforts in my medical clinic over the years. The vulnerability, respect, and trust that can be communicated through a good hug is a foundation that can accelerate effective communication with anyone.  Weather with your significant other, your family, your friends, co-workers, patients, or new acquaintances, the embrace of a sincere hug is a foundation and a grounding force.  It forces us to get our of our heads, into our bodies, into the moment.  We are here in these bodies for such a brief time.  Make a goal of seven hugs a day as your minimum.  Practice giving good hugs, my advice is to lead with a smile – a sincere smile and good eye contact with the person as you move to the hug will communicate the positive intention, and eliminate the surprise/creepy factor that can happen if your forget to smile and make eye contact.  The record holder for hugs has to be the amazing Amma the ‘hugging saint’ who has logged over 35 million hugs!.

Ultimately, every soul is yearning to be seen, respected, and supported in their purpose. Let the hug lead, together we are miraculous.