This is how I deconstruct my sense of self — It could be the medicine you need

By: Dr. Zach Bush

“Where do people find you?”

I’ve been getting this question at the end of every podcast. They are looking to get mention of websites and social media connection points, and usually I answer appropriately, but recently the question hit me differently, and I thought it was a metaphysical inquiry.

So, where does one find me? Where do I find me?

Initially I thought, “you want to find me, go dig a hole”. Once the confusion in the answer washed away, I could see the layers of the response and just how accurate it is.

Dig a hole and you will discover that by removing a shovel full of soil you create space; both literally and figuratively. When we dig out the dirt from our minds, spirits, and bodies, we create space. In this space many new things can be brought out of the potential energy that lies within.

In the cosmos, everything leaps out of the void: this vacuum of space which is filled with the electromagnetic field that emanates from all the stars in the universe. The black hole absorbs this massive energy and translates all that raw energy into matter which spirals out to create a new galaxy. My life is the same. The more I empty myself, the more beauty is birthed into physical form. And the more beauty there is, the more love there is.

I am a generative machine as I dig that hole more completely.

This is where I’m most at home. It’s where all the lessons I’ve carried and learned from began, and it is the ever-flowing source of inspiration and medicine for a busy mind. Go dig a hole — It’s where I retreat to slow down and deconstruct the ego.

A single sprout is all I need to witness and remember the simple, yet profound, connection between self and soil. We are each of the earth and are here to be stewards of her vital pursuit of regeneration. Deep within that exists peace if we can recognize our role, not as producers or consumers, but stewards of life, peace, health and connection.

So go dig a hole today and find that part of you you’ve been missing.

In Reverence,


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