You Are a
Solar Event

By: Dr. Zach Bush

Since time immemorial, humans have been fascinated and guided by the stars.

Today, whenever you’re fortunate enough to see the night sky, you innately tap into an unbroken chain of people who also gazed upon the same constellations. Just as there is a comforting continuity in the heavens, they also embody the collective and ongoing evolution of life in our universe.

Happily, you don’t have to live in a dark sky preserve to understand and experience our connection to the stars. You can see it during the day. After all, we often forget that the energy from our sun is, in every way, starlight. We’re constantly surrounded and imbued by it. And the light energy we all share is more resonant and reciprocal than you may think.

Celestial bodies

We are made of stardust. This realization is more than a muse for the human imagination; it’s also part of our everyday experience. On a physiological level, every atom in our bodies was created inside a star well before the Earth was formed. That means the same raw building blocks that enable us to think, breathe, and pursue our passions also form the foundation of all matter in the universe. Our physical connection to the cosmos also transcends the material. On a soul level, we are each inextricably intertwined with the life energy that animates our universe.

Per cubic centimeter, the human body produces about 10,000 times more energy compared to the surface of the sun.

Even down to our DNA, we are genetically coded to harness and transform energy from the sun. To do so, our bodies build specialized proteins that transform light into chemical energy. This is the basic mechanism that enables us to see and discern color. Furthermore, like other animals, we use light to regulate vital biological processes, such as helping our circadian clock tick steadily.

But what is it that connects us all to one another—and to the cosmos? One answer is gravity. Another is light. And to understand how both relate to your everyday life, we can find a great example in one of the more unlikely of places: black holes.

An eventful horizon at the core of (y)our being

Though they’re often cast as hungry, cataclysmic voids, black holes are also among the most creative forces in our universe. That’s because they pull light energy into a gravitational center, where it’s transformed into a particle state before being spun outwards into the cosmos. This intricate dance choreographs one of the most organized gravitational forces in the universe, triggering a steady expansion of energy that manifests outward to form stars, asteroids, planets, and even us.

This macrocosm mirrors our microcosm. Recent breakthroughs in quantum entanglement suggest that the protons found in every atom in our body share common physics with black holes. Put another way: our bodies contain billions of tiny black holes. Mirroring the generative energy from what astrophysicists see in space, the protons in our cells spin the light energy we share with the sun into carbon chains. We are solar events, expressed in physical form.



To turn into a star, constellation, comet or other celestial object.

It’s incredible to imagine all of the cosmic history, the evolution, and the synergy that innately resides in your body. Countless celestial events and interactions unfolded in just the right way to create you. It’s a miracle, really. But it’s also an active expression of the light energy that shines in us all.

At your very core, you are a master of energy exchange—even without necessarily realizing it. Everything in your body and throughout the universe is in a constant flow of becoming. And because we contribute to these cycles, we are also innately implicated in the infinite. After all, death is never an endpoint; it’s a transmutation and continuation of energy into a new form. Your very existence is the unfolding story of our universe.

Cultivating your celestial self

Because it’s at the core of who we are, your connection to the cosmos is always available to you. All you have to do is root into your body. This practice will look different for each of us, but I always find it helpful to visualize the parallels between your body and the universe all around us. Feel the euphoric light energy that animates the stars in each of your cells. Gently wiggle your toes. And if they’re trapped in your shoes, take them off to truly feel the earth beneath your feet. Let the soil feel your presence in return. Finally, let the sky above bask in the light energy you naturally emit.

How does it feel to activate your innate connection to the cosmos? What can you accomplish for yourself—and all life—when you take this feeling with you every day?

No matter how you connect to your celestial nature, the care and intention you set contributes to our collective evolution. That’s because your soul journey is inherently relational. Every step forward in our soul journey will encourage and resonate with others’, such that we create a constellation—a sort of sacred geometry—that not only advances our consciousness, but triggers a fundamental shift in our collective evolution. And it all starts in stardust.


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is the Whole
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