ZACH BUSH MD: Bloating, Bacteria & The Biome; On Air with Ella

Dr. Zach Bush is answering all of the questions that you asked after hearing him in episode 109!

What We Talk About:

  • What are the signs that your gut is healthy…and signs that your gut needs help?
    • Guess what? It’s so much more than the obvious. Including sleep, libido, sexual function, energy and creativity, relationship health and mood
  • Can bad bacteria or candida cause depression / anxiety? 
    • What does Dr. Zach mean when he says “our gut IS our consciousness”
  • Dr. Zach introduces the concept of our cells’ communication network. 
  • Why do some of us have worse gut symptoms the CLEANER we eat?!?
    • One key issue: we aren’t digesting proteins and insoluble fiber well and they can create an “immune protective response” in our bodies (inflammation / bloating)
    • The real question might not be “what are you eating?” but “how are you processing what you’re eating?”
  • Which foods are tough on your body when you’re trying to heal your gut, and which ones can be very helpful (including mushrooms, lentils and even some grains!)
    • Dr. Zach’s opinion on the foods you specifically asked about, including kefir, lemons, bone broth and raw apple cider vinegar (he likes Bragg’s version)
  • The real dangers of glyphosate as I discuss in this recent “the GOOD, the BAD & the YUMMY” episode

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