ZACH BUSH MD & Ben Greenfield Podcast: Why You Can’t Get Away From The Toxin Glyphosate (& What You Can Do About It)

During the discussion, you’ll discover:

-Why Dr. Bush stayed in school for 17 years (and what it means to be a “triple certified” board physician)…[10:00]

-The discovery in soil that Dr. Bush made in 2012, and what he was looking for exactly when he found it…[11:10]

-How bacteria, in the right conditions, can “talk” to each other in the same way that your mitochondria do…[18:00 ]

-The method Dr. Bush used to turn carbon-based redox molecules into a drinkable liquid…[26:55 & 29:45]

How something called “lignite” can assist with mitochondrial health and longevity…[34:40]

-Why the best probiotic strains still contain only 24 of the 20,000-30,00 different kinds of bacteria in your gut…[37:20]

How glyphosate wreaks havoc on the tight junctions in your gut, and why it’s impossible to escape it in water, air, dirt and food…[45:20]

-Why gluten can cause some of the same damaging issues as glyphosate, and why it wasn’t until the 1980’s that folks started to develop more gluten intolerances…[51:30]

-Why it’s not enough to just eat “dirty plants” or fermented foods when it comes to equipping your gut to heal from glyphosate exposure…[59:25]

-And much more!

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