ZACH BUSH MD: Bacteria, C-Sections & What’s Wrong With Your Probiotic; On Air with Ella

You Are Your Bacteria

Are the 30,000 species of organisms in your gut behaving? 

Mine aren’t. I came across Dr. Zach Bush in my personal quest to solve my prolonged gut issues. Even a 5-day fast didn’t reset me fully. What am I doing wrong? Dr. Zach had a lot to say, including LOTS of surprising information. And, I learned after asking him to be on the show, that he is the creator behind the Restore product that Dr. Wiggy recently recommended to me (more on that below). Such sweet synergy!

What We Talk About:

  • Why gut health is EVERYTHING, but we’ve still got it wrong…
  • Biodiversity is critical for a healthy gut
  • What’s the role of bacteria in our gut health, and what C-sections, antibiotics, and — ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? –  probiotics are doing to hurt us
    • learn more about “the vaginal swab” as an option for C-section births and how it helps the baby’s microbiome
    • antibiotics – not just a human problem, but a food supply problem
  • What does it mean to have an intelligent gut?
  • Why you should let your kids get dirty!!
    • don’t buy into the all-things-antibacterial marketing
  • Where most probiotics come from (SPOILER ART: cow intestine)
  • Why miso is a great exception to my “no soy” policy and the role it can play in your healing;
  • How we can completely transform and repair our guts – no matter where we’re starting

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