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June 4 – July 30, 2018

Live Q&A with Dr Zach on July 23, 2018

The above Biology BaseCamp Summer 2018 session is full and registration is closed. To pre-register (no obligation) for Biology BaseCamp Fall 2018, please email or call 844.686.8656.


“Thank you, Dr. Zach. I feel like I have a lot of skills to use to reverse my cancer. Biology BaseCamp was very helpful to me. I can’t wait until next year when you do Beyond Biology. I learned and re-learned some important lessons. The coaching and the webinars were a great combination for learning. I am so appreciative of this opportunity. It is a real gift.”


“The BaseCamp series has been educational, fascinating, challenging, insightful, transformative, inspirational, emotional, physical, therapeutic, fulfilling… There are many things I still need to integrate into my life and fully implement, but that’s understandable with so many new concepts and practices. I’ve learned a lot about myself and would say in some ways not the same person. I feel like Dr. Zach shone a light on my soul. So glad I challenged myself and so grateful to Dr Zach, to my coach Carla, and to Megan and the team.”


“This webinar was a life changer for me in 2 ways. First, each session came with a very specific way to practically improve your health. Not a supplement, or a book to read or a diet to embrace, but a practical life-hack. Second, was the addition of a weekly life coach session. This provision brought the webinar info into reality by providing accountability. Connecting weekly with my coach helped me take the info from knowledge to action much more effectively!”


“Biology BaseCamp is a great guideline for lifestyle that covers all the bases. I’ve been working on lifestyle choices for more than 2 decades and it was both validation for what I’ve been doing and offering fresh insights that I can work into my life. Dr. Bush’s passion is contagious and inspiring. The fourth lecture was my favorite – I’ve watched it 3 times already! Things are changing in the approach to chronic disease and Dr. Bush is right up front leading the change. Thank You!”



Our Intrinsic Health Series Biology BaseCamp is an eight-week program that delivers four fundamental foundations for health in your life through the following four webinars and weekly Intrinsic Health Coaching.

  • The New Frontier of Gut Health
  • Fasting: The Power of Not Eating
  • Movement, Breathing, and Our Connection to Earth
  • Water: Creating Flow for Body and Soul

Each session will consist of a 2-hour talk by Dr Zach, every other Monday at 8 pm ET. You will get the experience of ‘sitting’ with Dr Zach as he delivers the one-on-one content that each of his patients has experienced in clinic. If you miss a webinar, you will be provided with a link that will allow you to watch it at your convenience. All webinars will be available for 6 months after their initial airing.


Each participant will also receive eight weekly one-on-one personalized Intrinsic Health Coaching sessions with our Intrinsic Health Coaches over the phone. Your first coaching session will be 45 minutes, with the remaining sessions lasting 30 minutes. Intrinsic Health Coaching is an essential part of this series. Our health coaches will help you understand Dr Zach’s paradigm-shifting health and wellness model and apply it to your own life.


You will come to understand that your disease runs far deeper than your physical symptoms and that in order to heal yourself permanently, you must uncover and address the root cause of your disease. In many cases, this is not a purely physical issue as we are taught to believe in the allopathic medical model. If you open your mind to all possible causes of your health struggles, you start to unlock your intrinsic ability to heal. The result will be a journey through which you will transform your life. With the right tools, YOU are in control of your health.

Throughout this series, Dr Zach lays out the fundamental principles of human health which apply to every person no matter what their health status may be. Dr Zach and our Intrinsic Health Coaches do not talk about specific disease states because this new paradigm for health reaches far beyond that. Dr Zach has had tremendous success with his approach in his clinics, helping his patients heal a myriad of conditions.


Webinar 1: The New Frontier of Gut Health

Cutting edge concepts are introduced surrounding the microbiome, optimal fueling foods and techniques, and the significance of defining human identity within a healing journey.

Some key points you’ll learn:

  • How connecting with self-identity ignites healing at the cellular level
  • Past and present factors that increase gut membrane vulnerability
  • Ways the macro-environment affects the microbiome
  • Which foods and beverages have the most positive effect on microbiome health
  • How thought patterns promote or disable disease states
  • The limitations of probiotic supplements
  • The mechanisms by which bacteria influence behavior and mood
  • A simplified grocery shopping strategy to create a no-fail kitchen environment
  • Solutions to maintaining proper biological identity long-term to permanently reverse disease

Support materials and videos included:

  • Nutrition overview and plant-based recipe guide
  • “Snack Pack” protocol and recipes
  • Dr Zach’s favorite juice recipes
  • The science behind RESTORE and what it can do for you

Webinar 2: Fasting: The Power of Not Eating

Fasting has been used since the beginning of time to accelerate the healing of disease, but most allopathic practitioners do not incorporate the tool into protocols due to lack of knowledge and misinformation. You will gain the knowledge of how to integrate fasting safely and effectively for optimal health.

Some key points you’ll learn:

  • How metabolism works and why it breaks down
  • What happens at the cellular level during intermittent, short-term, and long-term fasts
  • Ways to shift from burning glucose to body fat for fuel
  • How to incorporate fasting into a daily and weekly routine
  • The why behind nutrient-rich “grazing”
  • The exact protocol to complete a 5-day fast for deep cellular healing
  • Ways to think about deep seated beliefs and language around food
  • How to look beyond food for nourishment
  • The effect of technology on hormones and weight
  • Tips for shifting damaging lifestyle patterns to skyrocket health outcomes

Support materials included:

  • Nutrient-rich grazing and supplementation
  • Intermittent Fasting pattern and supplementation

5-Day fast protocol and supplementation

Webinar 3: Movement, Breathing, and Our Connection to Earth

Many health seekers become overly focused on following the “perfect” diet, exercise routine, and supplement regime, but are missing out on the free healing resources under their own feet. (And nose!).

Some key points you’ll learn:

  • Why symmetry matters for effective movement
  • The root causes and risks of mouth breathing
  • How boosting nitric oxide levels can improve longevity
  • The 4-minute workout that can radically increase muscle build and circulation
  • A proven therapy to eliminate pain and fix postural dysfunction
  • Breathing exercises to activate the parasympathetic nervous system
  • How to walk properly to avoid or treat bunions without surgery
  • The importance of grounding and silence to trigger profound cellular healing
  • Solutions to maintaining healthy lifestyle rhythms in the modern world

Support materials and videos included:

  • The 4-minute workout overview and protocol
  • Super ventilation breathing exercise and meditation
  • Egoscue therapy primer
  • Qigong movement primer
  • Nordic walking overview

Webinar 4: Water: Creating Flow for Body and Soul

Without connection to the earth, we lose sight of who we are and were created to be, thus creating a disconnect at the cellular level. With proper hydration, thought re-patterning, and other tools, connection can re-establish and whole-body healing can occur.

Some key points you’ll learn:

  • The quantum physics and dimensions of water
  • The most powerful forces behind dehydration
  • Signs of disconnect from flow state
  • How emotions can change DNA
  • Ways water can decrease cellular aging and the ideal types for drinking
  • A 3-day intensive hydration protocol
  • A profound ritual for stepping into a new identity
  • Advanced information on grounding techniques and benefits
  • Strategies for decreasing EMF exposure and impact
  • The power of intention and surrender in the healing process

Support materials and videos included:

  • Pre-hydration preparation guide
  • Hydration protocol
  • Meditation resources
  • Grounding and water filtration resources
Zach Bush Biology BaseCamp

The Intrinsic Health Series Biology BaseCamp is your opportunity to participate in a grassroots revolution in health for humanity and the planet. This health revolution begins with you. Whether you are facing a severe illness or just in pursuit of a higher level of health and personal performance in life, this series will give you practical knowledge and resources to chart a new path to recovery and optimal health that will power your purpose here among us.

The extraordinary explosion of chronic disease over the last 25 years has never been seen in human history. From autism to Alzheimer’s, from chronic depression to cancer, we are seeing unprecedented amounts of disease. With 25 years of medical education, research and clinical experience, I can attest to the extraordinary complexity of disease. When we view today’s epidemic of chronic disease and the cost and failure of our chronic disease management system that we call “healthcare”, the future looks profoundly unsustainable.

50% of males in our country are diagnosed with cancer before they die, and at the current rates of increase they will reach rates of 70% over the next 20 years.  Rates of autism have gone from 1 in 5000 children to 1 in 44 over the last 30 years. At our current exponential increase, one in three children will by on the Autism Spectrum within the next 20 years. If we do not reverse direction now, the cost of care and loss of productivity for the sick and their caretakers will render this country financially insoluble.

However, I have never been more optimistic about our opportunity to transform human health. Over the last seven years, our team of clinicians and scientists have discovered a beautiful and exciting truth: health is profoundly simple, and it is the antidote to all disease. Regardless of how desperate our current public health is on this planet, there is a way out for each of us, our nation, and the planet at large. The way out is intrinsic health. Our bodies are engineered to be healing machines.

Our Intrinsic Health Series BaseCamp is an eight-week week program that will deliver four fundamental foundations for health in your life. What you build on that foundation will accelerate your positive impact. Every single person that makes the investment of time and education to reach optimal health and function becomes an epicenter for change in our collapsing social and health systems. We are excited to see this educational experience transform your understanding of your health.

Yours in health & wellness,