Part 2 | Dr. Zach Bush How to Restore Metabolism, Heal Inflammation with Gut Health

This is part 2 of an incredible interview with Dr. Zach Bush!

If you haven’t listened to part 1 of this 2 part interview, make sure you do so before you listen to this episode – Part 1: Dr. Zach Bush on Metabolism, Chronic Health Issues, and Gut Health
Topics covered in this episode:
>> The steps you can take to start protecting and healing your gut.  What can we do?  How do we now move forward and protect our gut ecosystem and our overall health?
>> Concentration of chemicals and cancer rates.  We discuss the direct relationship between location in the U.S. and cancer patterns.
>> Are probiotics good for you?  Dr. Bush talks to us about when you should be taking these, if at all.
>> Gut intelligence and the biodiversity that SHOULD be occurring in your gut.
>> The supplement industry doesn’t tell you that most probiotics come from the intestines of a cow… Which makes no sense since they are a completely different animal than us.
>> How you’re waisting money taking over the counter probiotics.
>> The direct relationship between the bacteria in your gut, and your metabolism.  Therefore, your gut balance is directly effecting your ability to lose weight.
>> How your gut biome is determining if your overweight or thin.
>> How C section babies have a completely different immune system than vaginal births.  Dr. Bush explains how C sections are detrimental to your baby, due to the baby not being exposed to the vaginal mucus from the mother.  This mucus provides protective bacteria to the baby.
>> Should you be using hand sanitizer?  Or should you be exposing yourself to bacteria?
>> How the bacteria in your home is affecting your ability to lose weight.
>> Being outside in different ecosystems, has the ability to help improve your gut biome, and therefore help you lose weight.
The 3 things you MUST do today to improve your Gut Ecosystem:
1. Weed your garden – When you pull a plant out of the soil, there is an invisible cloud of bacteria, fungi and micro organisms, that dramatically improve your ecosystem.
2. Get to the different ecosystems – Try to change ecosystems and breathe in as much air as possible.
3. Hug each other and maybe kiss each other on the cheek – This improves life expectancy.  We need to start embracing and exposing ourselves to a bunch of different ecosystems.

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