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Our phone-based, 30-minute Intrinsic Health Coaching sessions are among the most effective parts of Dr Zach’s paradigm-shifting health and wellness protocols. Dr Zach and his whole team at the M Clinic have learned through thousands of patient journeys that real health and transformation always come from within the individual, rather than from an external educator, physician, product, or technology. With this experience, our world-class team has created the Intrinsic Health Coaching Program. This unique coaching series works to sharpen your intuition and self-awareness to empower your unique path to health and transformation that will continue far beyond the eight-week seminar.

The Intrinsic Health Coaching Program comes in a package of 8 sessions. To sign up, please complete registration through the PayPal payment button below and one of our Intrinsic Health Coaches will be in touch to set up your sessions.


“I very much connected with Tracy, my coach. It was my first experience with a Health Coach and it made a huge difference for the positive in my life.”

“I was skeptical about the Coaching program, but after our first session I realized how talking with Cari was helping things ‘click’. New ways of looking at familiar situations would appear and she was so easy to talk to. I felt a definite connection with her and looked forward to our weekly calls. It was a great experience.”

“I definitely connected with Carla. She was kind, respectful, supportive and easy to relate to. She helped motivate and inspire me. Often challenging me to see things differently or try a new approach. It was a very positive experience for me.”

Intrinsic Health Coaching – 8 Sessions

About Intrinsic Health Coaching by Jenn Perrel, Intrinsic Health Coaching Director

Dr Zach on Intrinsic Health Coaching: