Dr Zach Bush – Why Are Children Sponges for Toxins? Science of the Microbiome & the Extracellular Matrix.

The causes of autism and the reason for the toxic burden that these children carry with them have remained poorly understood by the Modern Medical Industry.  In this talk, Dr. Zach Bush outlines newly discovered science that demonstrates the relationship between our microbiome and the extracellular matirix — the foundational structure of the human body that provides protection and communication pathways for cell repair and detoxification. The discovery of ‘redox’ communication molecules produced by bacteria has provided exciting new insights into the way in which bacteria in the soil and in our intestines are able to directly produce health in the human body.  As the ecosystem of bacteria suffers under the influence of our human industries of mega farming and mega pharma, we lose the very foundation of human health through the decay of the extracellular matrix.  Reintroduction of the bacterial communication derived from the rich bacteria of our fossil soils has proved to deliver rapid and remarkable effects on the extracellular matrix, providing a new avenue for health support.